Monday, February 25, 2013

Lulu's Pet Wash Giveaway

Welcome to the Lulu's Pet Wash Giveaway!

Sponsored by School of Wash

School of Wash
is a great company that sells homemade bath products for pets, children, men and women.


Cole tried out the shampoo. It left his coat much softer than any other shampoo I have ever used and even took away his tear stains without hurting his eyes. I am definitely sold.
You can really tell in the picture what a difference this shampoo made on his coat, even after running around and playing outside, his fur is still soft and fluffy. The tear stains are starting to come back already, but I assure you they were gone yesterday. The giveaway is live from 2/26 to 3/6 at midnight. 

Good luck! 

Disclosure: Mom Does Giveaways  is not responsible for shipment.

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