Sunday, February 24, 2013

Newman's Own Organics Giveaway

Newman's Own Organics Giveaway and Review!

There is nothing like knowing the snacks you eat are good for you! Newman's Own Organics has multiple organic and tasty snacks for you and your family to enjoy! My family and I had the great chance to try out some of the Newman's Own Organics treats and what is even better, I get to giveaway 4 of our favorites to you!

Newman's Own Organics is a sister company from the original Newman's Own company. Started by Nell Newman, the daughter of "Pa" Newman, the organic snack company took off in 1993. With the huge demand for organic snacks, the second generation company were a huge success! Their success in organic snacks led to many other successful products made by Newman's Own Organics such as coffee, tea, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, organic dried fruit, and even pet food! We will have a pet food review coming soon from the company, which I can't wait to talk about, but for now - let's talk snacks!


Chocolate is a girl's best friend! Well, right after shopping of course. Newman's Own Organics Chocolate Cups and Chocolate Bars are a delicious and tasty treat you will love! They have a variety of chocolate cups that include peppermint cups, peanut butter cups, and my favorite the caramel cups! I loved that the chocolate cups come 3 to a pack, instead of your original 2. Also, you have the choice of dark or milk chocolate which is great for all you dark chocolate lovers out there! The chocolate bars also were a wonderful treat. The flavors I tried were the Dark Chocolate and Orange Dark Chocolate bars. I loved the orange flavor that was infused with the dark chocolate!


The cookies were also at the top of my list of favorites! The chocolate chip mini cookies and the chocolate filled creme cookies were my favorite! They don't taste as rich or sweet as normal junk food would, but they aren't bad at all! The alphabet cookies were perfect for my step daughter for an after school snack! She loves the cookies and I love knowing that they are organic and not filled with the other junk that gives "junk food" it's name. The Ginger snaps and Ginger-O's were my least favorite. To me, the Ginger spice overpower the cookie and it really was hard to eat more than just a few of them at a time. Although, if you like a lot of Ginger flavor - then these are perfect for you since they are made with real candied ginger.


I love pretzels! That's why I was excited to try all of the different varieties of pretzels that Newman's Own Organics has to offer! The flavors that I had a chance to review were Traditional Pretzel Thins, High Protein, Spelt, and Honey Wheat Mini Salted Thins. The Honey Wheat and Traditional Pretzel Thins were my favorite! I loved the fact that the Honey Wheat had a sweet yet salty mix that set really well with me. Also, the Traditional Pretzels were very delicious. The only thing I didn't like was that the High Protein bag didn't have any salt on the pretzels. I am a huge salt fan, so I do wish they had salt on them.

Licorice, Fig Newmans and Mints

My fiance loves Twizzlers, so these Licorice Twists were a big hit! He liked that they some of the flavors had an added sour flavor that really makes these Licorice Twists addictive! The Fig Newmans were great and delicious. I really wish they had different flavors like cherry or strawberry. I love fig, but for the little one, they were not very flavorful for her. The mints were also great and really had great packaging! The animals on the front were too cute!

Overall, my family and I really enjoyed the Newman's Own Organics snacks and treats! They were delicious and it was great to know that they were made with all natural and organic ingredients! Now for your chance to win a bundle of Newman's Own Organic goodies!

Prize Pack includes: 1 Newman-O's Chocolate Creme Filled Cookies, 1 Newman's Own Organics Dark Chocolate Bar, 1 Newman's Own Organics Alphabet Cookies and 1 Newman's Own Organics Family Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Open to USA. Enter using the rafflecopter below!

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review. However, all opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours!


  1. It all looks so good ... but would love to try the Chocolate Peppermint Cups just for starters. :)

  2. I would like to try the peanut butter cups